52 years Ca’ le Scope

Rich history

Camping Naturista Ca’ le Scope was founded in 1970. In the late 1960s there was a group of idealists and volunteers in the Bologna area, who were fascinated by the idea of naturism. This ever-growing group of volunteers made the development of Bolognese naturism possible. Ultimately, this led to the creation of one of the first naturist centers in Italy with a camping character, in the hills of Marzabotto. Back then an isolated piece of land with an abandoned farm, which has grown into a true paradise for nature lovers.

“We are therefore grateful that we are allowed to continue this ‘historic’ campsite. What we especially want to continue to offer is the opportunity to feel free in nature and to be completely yourself with respect to others and the environment.”

Ca' le Scope

The name Ca’ le Scope is named after the broom heather that is common here and from which brooms were made. It is loosely translated as ‘the house of the heather’. Today, the environment looks different than it used to be, as you can see in the painting above.

A. Descazaux

Fundamental principles of Hollite naturism as described by A. Descazaux which in 1969 acted as the basis for the foundation of the Bologna Naturism Association: sport without competing, in nudity; sunbathe in moderation; practice sobriety; a diet consisting mainly of water, vegetables and fruit; return to the simple life and stop the nasty urge for money; harmonious development of the mind; the search for beauty, the good, and the truth, which involves rejecting dogmas and systems; tolerance; open and sincere discussion; altruism; love for animals; confidence in the future;

Sabato pizza

It has been a tradition for 50 years to eat pizza together on Saturdays. The pizza oven is built into the house on the ‘piazza’. Wood for the oven is collected on the site of the campsite during maintenance of the forest. The main type of wood is oak. This wood burns for a long time and gives off a lot of heat, necessary for the preparation of the traditional thin pizza.